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IT Project Manager Nation Notary 

Association Chatsworth, California 91311

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  The Project Manager is an integral member of the project management team within the IT Department. This person is responsible for the overall direction, implementation, execution, control and

 completion of all aspects of complex project management. A successful candidate will also have expert knowledge of Project Management methodologies, tools, and templates, and ensure project execution remains consistent with company strategy, commitments, and goals.

➡️ At the National Notary Association, our culture believes that this should be everyones " BEST JOB EVER ", as evidenced by the many employees with a long tenure at the NNA. We offer a robust benefits program, including a free medical coverage option for employees. In addition to paid time off, Company holidays, and several employee events throughout the year, you will also benefit from a 401 ( k ) plan with Company, matchand annual Profit Sharing.


➡️ Apply the principles of the Project Management discipline to help drive predictable, consistent project delivery..
➡️Demonstrate expertise in maintaining project documents using approved methodology, tools, and templates.
➡️Facilitate stakeholder meetings to determine project scope and requirements.
➡️Collaborate with multiple stakeholders across the organization to create alignment and solicit project status and tasks.
➡️Effectively and accurately communicate relevant project information to stakeholders and the project team, including project status and issues that may impact deliverables or department/stakeholder relations.
➡️ Prepare and publish timely status reports and presentations for senior leadership.
➡️Ensure stakeholder needs are met in a timely and cost-effective manner.
➡️Develop and facilitate identification of project success metrics.
➡️Identify and document project risks and contribute to mitigation planning.
➡️Use project scheduling and control tools to monitor project progress, quality, and risks.
➡️Analyze resource capacity and forecast the potential impact to projects, account for and manage other unforeseen delays, and realign schedules or expectations as necessary.
➡️Proactively engage in change management efforts.
➡️Strategically lead planning efforts for company-wide or departmental solution training.
➡️Communicate ideas for improving company processes in a positive and constructive manner and possess a knack for developing this in others.
➡️Understand the importance of project team health, as well as the development of soft skills among cross-functional team members.
➡️Serve as liaison between project team and vendor PM, when applicable.
➡️Contribute to a positive working environment making this the Best Job Ever for self and others.



➡️ 5+ years experience leading technology /software development related projects.
➡️5+ years expert knowledge of Project life Cycle / Processes as defined by the PMBOK Guide.
➡️ 5+ years’ knowledge and experience with the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Waterfall, Agile, and/or hybrid methodologies.
➡️Proven record of working with business and engineering leadership to improve project delivery.
➡️Demonstrated ability to use quantitative and qualitative data to drive improvements.
➡️Proficient in MS Project and the MS Office Suite of products required.
➡️Proficient in JIRA and Confluence preferred.
➡️PMP certification preferred.
➡️Diploma or equivalent required, Bachelor’s Degree preferred.


➡️Foster teamwork, motivate colleagues, resolve conflicts, and make decisions that enhance organizational effectiveness.
➡️Communicate effectively by speaking, listening, and writing in a clear, thorough, and efficient manner.
➡️Possess strong leadership, organizational and problem-solving skills, as well as an attention to detail.
➡️Proven ability to work effectively both independently and as a team.
➡️Demonstrated willingness to be flexible and adaptable to changing priorities.
➡️Demonstrated history of completing projects on time, within schedule, and on budget.
➡️Ability to communicate to both technical and non-technical audiences.
➡️Ability to establish rapport and credibility at all levels of the organization.


➡️Interested candidates must submit a resume/CV to be considered.
➡️Must be willing to submit to a background investigation.
➡️Must have unrestricted work authorization to work in the United States.
➡️SALARY RANGE $95,000 - $115,000, bonus eligible



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