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KADAPA JOBS | Medical Officers Work in Urban Primary Health Centers in YSR District | ANDHRA PRADESH DISTRICT MEDICAL HEALTH JOBS | MBBS jobs






➡️Applications are invited from the eligible candidates to the post of 33 ( Thirty 

three ) Medical Officers ( MBBS ) to Work in Urban Primary Health Centers in Y.S.R. 

District under ( APHSSP & NUHM ) on contract basis .

➡️Name of the Post : Medical Officer's ( MBBS )

➡️No.of Vacancies - 33

➡️Eligibility MBBS and Registration in APMC

🔸Age as on 01-12-2020▪️Maximum Age limit shall not exceed ( 42 ) Years as

on 01-12-2020

Maximum age limit mentioned above is Subject 

to issue of orders from the Government .


1. For SC , ST ,BC Five ( 5 ) Years.

2 . Physically Challenged

Persons Ten

(10) Years.

3 . Ex-Service Man Three ( 3 ) Years.


Each applicant must pay an amount of R.300/-in Account No. 067401001328 of ICICI 

Bank, Kotireddy CircleBranch , Kadapa IFSC Code No:ICICI0000674

Note : Payment receipt / Counterfoil shall be uploaded along with the online application. 

The applications without fee will be rejected summarily.


The following categories of candidates are exempted from payment of fee.

SC, ST, BC and Physically Challenged persons only .


🔸 Total Marks — 100

🔸75% Marks will be allocated against marks obtained in the qualifying examination 

i.e., Aggregate of Marks Obtained in all the years in the qualifying examination .

🔸️In case of Foreign Degrees for Aggregate of Marks of 75% ::

➡️The candidates who have passed the MBBS Degree in Foreign Universities, the 75%

aggregate marks weighatage is given as per the following equallenceformula .

🔸 AGrade/Excellent - 60 % X 75 = 45

🔸BGrade/Good - 55 % X 75 = 41.25

🔸CGrade / Satisfactory - 50 % X 75 = 37.50

👉In certain Foreign Universities Degrees shown as academic hours / amount of hours / ECIS 

RanLs / National grade / Study hours / credits/ Grade points GPA/pass. In such cases, where marks

are not clearly shown the Grade C with 50% as Maximum marls will beawarded.

➡️Marks awarded for languages shall not be considered for Weighatage of Agregate Marks

➡️Weightage up to 15 % Marks will be given to Medical Officer ( MBBS ) working on contract /

Outsourcing basis with the conditions as shown at B

➡️Upto 10 Marks @ 1.0 mark per each completed year after completion of internship 

along with requisite qualification

➡️Particulars of weightage : 

🔸2.5 Marks per Six months of service in Tribal area.

🔸2.0 Marks per Sixmonthsof service inRural Area.

🔸1.0 Marks perSix months ofservice in Urban Area.

🔸Up to 10 marks - 1.0 mark per each completed year after acquiring

Requisite qualification.

🔸No Weightage will be given for the service rendered less than Six months .

🔸The Medical Officer ( MBBS ) on contract basis may be continuing in service ( or ) 

they may not be in service at presently subject to condition that, they shall 

not be removed from service on any disciplinary grounds /adverse


🔸There will be no interview .


🔸The contractual service put up by the Medical Officers . Who were appointed with 

financial concurrence at the Government level and where services was discontinued

but not on account of any fault on their part , will be considered for weightage of

Marks .

🔸The Contractual service of those Medical Officers who have been appointed on contract basis without prior financial concurrence of Government of Andhra

Pradesh but are presently worLing in APSACS , RNTCP and Mobile Epidemics and MCH

team in tribal and vulnerable areas under NHM will be considered for weightage

ofmarks .

🔸The contractual service putin by the doctors who have been appointed on contract basis

selected by the DSC and who are drawing salary under 310 / 311 — grants will be

counted for weightage ofmarks.”

 🔸The Contractual Service put in by the doctors who have been appointed on contract basis 

 in the ESI Hospitals under Director of Insurance Medical Services by the DSC and who

 are drawing salary under 300 — grants will be counted for weightage of marks for

 Service in Dr Y.S.R Aarogyasri Health Care Trust .

🔸Service in 104 [Mobile MedicalUnits ]

🔸Services in e UPHCs .


➡️Candidates should submit their applications along with all relevant enclosures 

through registered post or drop the application directly in the Box provided at o /o 

the District . Medical & Health Officer , Kadapa. 

➡️Last date for submission of application is ▪️12.2020 at 5.00 PM

▪️Aadhar Card

▪️Photo Size [ Image format ]

▪️SSC or equivalent certificate [ for Date of Birth ]

▪️Latest Caste Certificate in case of SC , ST , BC [ with categorization if any ]

issued by MRO concerned . In the absence of proper caste certificate, the candidate will 

be considered as OC candidate .

▪️In case of Physically Challenged person , Latest certificate issued by Medical 

Board should be uploaded online.

▪️In case of Ex- servicemen , relevant certificate issued by competent authority shall 

be uploaded online.

▪️Study Certificates from class 4th to 10th from the School where the candidate studied. If SSC or 

its equivalent done by private study, without attending any school, residence 

certificate from MRO for previous 7 years. ( in prescribed proforma ). In the absence 

of the above certificate the candidate will be considered asnon - local .

▪️Certificate of permanent Registration in A.P State Medical Council constituted 

under MCI Act.

▪️MBBS Degree Certificate /ProvisionaI .

▪️Internship completion certificate.

▪️MBBS aggregate of marks obtained in all the years in quaiifying the examination.

▪️Service certificate from the controlling officer concerned ( DM & HO / DCHS

/ Any other authority who appointed the applicant ) in case of Medical Officer Wrking

on Contract / Outsourcing basis . In absence of which, the candidate will not be given

any weightage .

➡️Fees payment receipt / Counterfoil shall be Uploade .

APPLICATION : Click Here ( ఇక్కడ తెరవండి )


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GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH DISTRICT MEDICAL AND HEALTH OFFICE, KUNOOL NOTIFICATION INFORMATION PARAMEDICAL RECRUITMENT FOR THE POSTS OF 1) . STAFF NURSES 2) . LAB  TECHNICIAN GRADE - II  3) . PHARMACIST GRADE-IION CONTRACT BASIS ■ On line applications are invited for filling up of 1) Staff Nurses, ■ Lab-Technician Grade –II ■ Pharmacist Grade-II on contract basis from eligible candidates with effect from 30-06-2020 to 22-07-2020 as per Rc.No.7714/E4/2020 dated: 20.06.2020 of the DPH &FW. Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada and other Government orders mentioned in the said reference. 2) Vacancies ::::::: 1. STAFF NURSE - 42+21 = 63 2. LAB TECHNICIAN GRADE-II - 17+08 = 25 3. PHARMACIST GRADE-II - 17+02 = 19 NOTE::::: The No. of vacancies is provisional and likely to increase or decrease NOTE:::: Age Relaxation : - ■ For S.C’s and S.T’s & B.Cs 05 (Five years). ■ For ex-service Men 03 (Three) years in addition to the length of service inarmed fo

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