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Junior Assistant and Typist Junior Stenographer | GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH NOTIFICATION | Chittor Collegiate Backlogs Recruitment Jobs





2020 - 2021

➡️ Applications are invited from the eligible Differently Abled candidates by 01.03.2021 up to 
5.00 PM in the proforma annexed herewith for appointment of Group IV posts in the A.P. Ministerial 
Services under limited recruitment for backlog vacancies earmarked for Differently Abled persons .


➡️ 1. Junior Assistant :
Educational Qualifications  : Must have passed a Bachelor’s Degree of any University 
and qualified in the test of proficiency in office 
automation with use of Computer and associated software

Educational Qualifications : Must have passed a Bachelor’s Degree of any University 
and qualified in the test of proficiency in office 
automation with use of Computer and associated 
software and Passed in Typing Higher, Lower Telugu & 
English Recognized by the Board of Technical Education, 
Govt. of AP., or Type writing certificate issued by the 
NIVH / Regional Centre NIVH, Chennai


➡️ Must have been passed any Degree , Type Writer Lower 
 Higher , English & Telugu , Shorthand Lower, Higher 
 ( Or )Executive Sectary course from NIVH Channai .


➡️ For the post indicated in ( i ) The applicant should have completed (18 ) years of age and 
should not have completed 52 years of age as on 31.03 2021 including (10 ) years age
relaxation for differently abled
➡️ As per the Disability certificate issued by the District Medical Board formed as per G.O.Ms.No.31
WD, CW & DW ( DW ) Dept., dated 01/12/2009. The candidates must have 40% of degree of disability 
and above except hearing impairment. In respect of hearing impairment the candidate must have loss of 
sixty decibels or more in the better ear in the conversational range of frequencies which corresponds to 85 
dBs hearing threshold on the audiogram in the better ear i.e. 85 dB hearing level in audiogram - 25 dB 
upper limit of normal hearing - 60 dB hearing loss as per provision under Persons with Disabilities Act, 
1995 according to the para No.3 of G.O.Ms.No.31 WD, CW & DW (DW) Dept., dated 01/12/2009 .

➡️ Scale of Pay : 
In terms of RPS-2015


According to the G.O.Ms.No.74 G.A. ( Services-A ) Department 
dated :14/02/2007, the Written Examinations and oral Interviews be waived and the selection for such 
limited recruitment of Physically challenged persons , with disabilities be made on the basis of 
marks obtained in the qualifying academic examinations .


➡️Format of application should be neatly typed on a thick white paper. 

➡️ Completed application forms should be sent in person or through his /her Representative to the Office 
of the Asst. Director , Welfare of Differently Abled , Transgender & Sr. Citizens, Ground Floor , 
Ambedkar Bhavan , Collector’s Office Complex , Chittoor. So as to reach before 04-01-2021 by 
➡️ Applications are restricted to the Differently Abled persons of Chittoor District only non local 
candidates are not entitled to apply. 
➡️Local candidate in relation to local area means a person 
who has studied in an educational institution in such local area for a period of not less than 
four consecutive academic years in which He / She appeared or as the case may be first appeared for 
SSC or equivalent examination or when during the whole or any part of the four consecutive 
academic years in which he appeared for SSC or equivalent examination, He / She has not 
studied in any educational institution, if He / She has resided in the local area for a period of not less 
than four years immediately preceding the date of commencement of SSC or equivalent 
examination in which He / She appeared or first appeared as the case may be .

➡️ In reckoning the consecutive academic years during which a candidate has studied any period 
of interruption of his study by reason of his failure to pass any examination shall be 

➡️ The following documents should be enclosed along with the Application duly self Attested ::: 
( i ) Copy of Medical Board Certificate ( ii ) Copies of Requisite Educational Qualification 
( iii ) Copies of Bonafide Certificates from 4th to 10th. Classes ( iv ) Copy of Nativity Certificate 
( v ) Copy of Employment Registration Card ( vi ) One Pass port size photo ( vii ) Self addressed and 
stamped envelope. 
 If study / residential certificates are not produced the candidate will be treated as a Non-local candidate.

➡️ Candidates must make arrangements to see that communications Addresses to them at the addresses 
stated in their applications are re-directed if necessary. 
Every effort will be made to take account of 
changes in candidates address but cannot accept any responsibility in this matter. 
6) No correspondence will be entertained in respect of in-complete and in-eligible applications  .


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GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH DISTRICT MEDICAL AND HEALTH OFFICE, KUNOOL NOTIFICATION INFORMATION PARAMEDICAL RECRUITMENT FOR THE POSTS OF 1) . STAFF NURSES 2) . LAB  TECHNICIAN GRADE - II  3) . PHARMACIST GRADE-IION CONTRACT BASIS ■ On line applications are invited for filling up of 1) Staff Nurses, ■ Lab-Technician Grade –II ■ Pharmacist Grade-II on contract basis from eligible candidates with effect from 30-06-2020 to 22-07-2020 as per Rc.No.7714/E4/2020 dated: 20.06.2020 of the DPH &FW. Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada and other Government orders mentioned in the said reference. 2) Vacancies ::::::: 1. STAFF NURSE - 42+21 = 63 2. LAB TECHNICIAN GRADE-II - 17+08 = 25 3. PHARMACIST GRADE-II - 17+02 = 19 NOTE::::: The No. of vacancies is provisional and likely to increase or decrease NOTE:::: Age Relaxation : - ■ For S.C’s and S.T’s & B.Cs 05 (Five years). ■ For ex-service Men 03 (Three) years in addition to the length of service inarmed fo

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